Honey, Go Grocery Shopping!

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 Aisle Set Up

The Aisle Set Up screen is accessed from the Edit Store screen.


So that anyone can do the groceries, the grocery list needs to specify where to find the items.  This is possible provided that the types of groceries (aka grocery sections)  found in each aisle are provided.


On this screen, the user can add, edit, or delete grocery sections.  

Add or Edit Grocery Sections

To add or edit grocery sections, first enter edit mode by clicking on the Edit button

To add a new grocery section, click on the "+" icon on the grocery section after which you want the the new grocery section to be listed.

Or, to edit an existing grocery section (to either rename or the section or change its aisle number), click anywhere else (i.e., other than on the "+" icon) on the grocery section that you wish to edit.

Once you are editing an existing or new grocery section, make the desired changes by either typing or using the picker control to specify the aisle number.

Once done editing the current grocery section, click on the "Done" button within the section.

Once done editing grocery sections, click on the "Back" button at the top of the screen to return to view mode.

Delete Grocery Sections

To delete grocery sections, first enter delete mode by clicking on the Delete icon (i.e., the trash can).

Once in delete mode, click on the red button next to the sections to be deleted.

Once done deleting sections, clcik on the "Done" button to return to regular mode. 

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