Honey, Go Grocery Shopping!

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When adding or editing a grocery item, you can either type in the name, or use the scanning feature.

If aisles have been set up, select what grocery section the item can be found in, and enter the quantity plus  any additional details..  If aisles have not been set up… you can do so at any time by selecting  the menu option.


The “Save to master list” option saves the new or updated item to the master grocery list, so that the next time you start a new grocery list, the  item wil be included.

About the scanning feature

This feature is leveraging another app, Barcode Scanner.  If you click on the button to scan an item and the app is not installed on your device, it will prompt you to download and install.

Also, note  that if a name has already been entered, the  result of the scan will be placed instead into the “Additional Information” . This is because this  detailed information may not be typically needed, but for someone who is not as familiar with the item, can be very useful  One final note: the scanner often returns multiple, similar products.  In such cases, you will be provided a list of products to choose from.

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