Honey, Go Grocery Shopping!

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Master List

The master list should be used to maintain the inventory of grocery items that you purchase on a recurring basis.  This list of items are used to create the initial grocery list when you create a new grocery list. 

In addition to adding new items, you can click on an item to edit it. Clicking the "Add" or clicking an item brings you to the Edit Grocery Item screen. 


The only difference between the Add or Edit Master Item and the Add or Edit Grocery Item is that instead of having a "Save to Master List option", you have a "Select by default" option  when working with an item in the master list.  Checking this option causes the item to automatically be included in the initial grocery list created when you use the "Start this week's grocery list" feature.


Note that it is not strictly necessary to edit the master list directly to build the master list.  Instead, as you add or edit an item in the current week's grocery list, you can choose to "Save to Master List" and automatically build up your master list this way. 

Edit Grocery Item

The first text box in the Edit Grocery Item screen represents the name of the grocery item.  The name can either be typed, or, if the bar code is scanned, the information about the product scanned is used as the item name.

If the item name is already specified when a bar code is scanned, the information is inserted instead inside the "Additional Item Details".  This information appears in smaller, blue text when displayed in a list of items.  The additional details can also be typed in using the virtual keyboard.

The number of units can be specified, which is the number of units that is included by default in a new shopping list.  The user can always change this when building the current shopping list.

Clicking on the "Select / Change" button allows the user to select the grocery section where the item is found in the grocery store.   If the section does not exist, a new one can be added.

The "Automatically include in new shopping list" switch should be turned "on" if the item is typically purchased when doing the groceries - it causes the item to be included by default when a new grocery list is created.

When done making changes, click on "Done".  Or, click on the trash icon to delete the grocery item from the list of items  typically bought at the store. 

Scanning Item

When scanning a bar code, it is possible that the service that provides the product descriptions for the product code captured will find more than one matching item.

(hitting cancel wil cancel the scan operation - the item will not be updated)

If multiple matching items are found, select the desired one, then click "Done".

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