Honey, Go Grocery Shopping!

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Share the grocery lists

The screen to set up sharing is accessed via the "Share Grocery Lists" button in the Edit Store screen.


To empower anyone in the household to do the groceries, the grocery lists with all the details and the aisle information, need to be shared.  This is supported via the DropbTo enable this feature, check the "Share grocery lists using Dropbox" checkbox.  Once checked, the "Link to Dropbox" button will be available. Clicking on the button will call the Dropbox application if it is already installed on your device.  Otherwise, it will navigate to the Dropbox web site. Either way, you will be asked for permission to allow the files to be shared using your Dropbox account.


Note that without a Dropbox account, the grocery lists cannot be shared.  Please refer to the Dropbox web site for more information.


Once Dropbox is enabled and permission is granted, The master and weekly grocery list, as well as the aisle setup, will automatically be synced with the Dropbox folder designated for this app.  This means that all mobile devices running Honey Go Grocery Shopping!  with sharing enabled and sharing this folder will automatically be sharing the same lists

Sharing Existing Lists.

If a store's list is to be shared, but there are already files stored in dropbox for this store under the same Dropbox account, the application prompts for the appropriate action to take:

  • Copy files from dropbox 
          - Select this option if the files in dropbox are the correct, most up to date ones, and these are the desired lists for the device

  • Copy files to dropbox 
          - Select this option if the files on the device are more up to date than those in dropbox and these are the desired lists to be shared with other devices using the same Dropbox account.

  • Cancel 
           - To cancel the sharing operation.

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